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L&H Troubador VI 2015 build in Mahogany. Perfect condition, lovely rich sound – ‘references’ from our harp instructors on request. Sacramento.L&H Troubador VI 2015 build in Mahogany. Perfect condition, lovely rich sound – ‘references’ from our harp instructors on request. Sacramento.  More photos can be found here:  Contact Patrick at for more information.

Lyon & Healy Harp, Style 22, Gold #1831 (originally built 1917), is in excellent condition with no structural or mechanical problems.  The harp was completely rebuilt & refurbished in 1997.   The harp shows beautifully with no cosmetic scratches.  The harp has NOT been played or moved since 1998. There has been virtually NO ‘wear & tear’ on the instrument.  The strings have been maintained regularly.  The harp appears to have a very nice sound, (esp. in the middle and lower registers) and there is a large space in the top octaves for the hand making it comfortable to play.
To bring the harp into top playing condition, it needs partial restringing and a regulation. The harp has been appraised by Karen Gottlieb.  It is located in San Francisco.  Asking price = $27,000  It includes a blue 3 piece padded Lyon & Healy transport cover set.
For details and a full appraisal, contact owner Rick Osmon. 415-420-4223

Magnificent Lyon & Healy Gold, Style 23, Concert Grand Harp

Played and owned by harpist Joel Andrews.  This harp is ready for the concert stage with beautiful rich tone, and classic style — one of Lyon and Healy’s top harps.

A concert harp highly embellished with floral carvings at the crown, base, feet, and top of the column. All elegantly sculpted and gilded, the column in rich 23 – karat gold by Lyon & Healy, creating a stunning harp built in 1915, (#1535) with wide spacing.

Recently  gilded,  regulated, with rebuilt board and neck  by Lyon and Healy.  Comes with semi-padded transport cover and base padding.

This rare harp is on sale, $33,331.

Also available: original antique Lyon & Healy wooden harp steamer trunk, 1915, with hinges, latches and lock functions working well.  It has all the experience of world travel, (only occasionally used), $850.00.  Approximately 75”tall by 45’ wide. Fits a Lyon & Healy style 23 harp.

Please contact Golden Harp:

E-mail: goldharp

Phone (707) 964-6740

(Please call for more details and photos)

Triplett Signature 2011 nylon harp, 36 strings, 5 octaves, C to C, 27 pounds, 60”, full Camac levers, comes with tuning key and custom soft case, highly resonant tone, asking $4,500 (new price is $6,000).

George Leverett 2008 nylon harp, from Altarwind Music in Oregon, 30 strings, 4 octaves, A to G, comes with tuning key and carry custom cover, clear and even tone, asking $1,800 (new price was $2,400).

Both harps are in excellent condition and are being sold to serve as a down payment on a pedal harp for a student. They both also come with a full set of new strings and lever washers from Robinson’s Harp Shop. Both harps can be seen in Livermore. Please inquire with Dominique Piana at (925) 455-5333 or

Pictures 1 through 4 are the Leverett, pictures 5 through 10 the Triplett, and can be viewed by clicking on this link: 


Lyon and Healy Concert Grand 23 Natural. Purchased new approximately 1985. Serial #9036. Excellent condition. Includes dollie, cover, bench, stand, misc strings, and various music.  Located in Central California.  $22,500.  Contact Julie at for more information.

Lyon & Healy Style 85E, semi-grand, pedal harp, natural finish, 46 strings. Extended soundboard, in perfect condition. Consistent vibrant, warm, rich quality tone. Serial number 14402 (built in June 2001). Purchased from Lyon & Healy in March 2005. Located in Boston Massachusetts. Priced $12,500.  

Natural 23 Serial 5829 $18,600.  Located in Brookline, MA. Can Ship.  Exceptional instruments. Regulated by certified L&H technician.  Contact Nancy at for photos and more information.

Stoney End Lorraine
29-string with full Loveland levers in cherry with custom artwork on the sounding board.
This was my mother’s first lever harp when she was learning to play and I bought it from her when she moved on to a larger harp. It is a great beginner harp with a lovely sound.
I haven’t had time to play in recent years and am about to move cross-country so I think it is time to find this lovely lady a new and loving home.
Comes with a padded carrying bag, tuning key and a removable matching cherry base. There are a couple of small cosmetic dings that do not affect the tone and are only visible close-up.  $1750
Contact Cherry Summers at 973-219-5149 or (7/17)

For SALE $5,000 ~ SWAN Lever harp by Thormalen
36 concert gut strings with some wound metal strings in the bass. Coffered back, beautiful exotic maple wood, full Camac levers; tuning key and padded case. It’s Thormalen’s premium model.

Read more about this harp at:

See picture of the Cordura padded traveling case at:

Contact Multicultural Music Fellowship at:
Email:; 510-548-3326

Camac Athena EX

47 strings, concertgrand, extended soundboard.
New in 2009 and used until 2012, like new condition, beautiful big and warm sound, brilliant and shinning top. Mellow and strong midrange and powerfull bases. Small cosmetic blemishes that doesn’t affect the sound at all. Excellent for the orchestra and solo concerts. Light weight, only 35kg. It comes with the three-set padded cover and dust cover included.
Located in San Diego—National City California. You can try it out if you like.
I hate to sell it but I will continue living in Europe and I look for someone to love her as much as I did. Price: $11,500. Contact: (5/17)

Salvi Daphne 40. Walnut
Bought new in 1989, serial #1215. One owner, not played for several years. Comes with a cover, cart, and lots of strings. $10,000 obo. Contact Michael Shahani, email:, Phone Number: 925-323-6833 (2/17)

Stoney End Eve 22
Looks like it has rarely if ever been played. Decorated soundboard, comes with padded case and extra strings. Pictures available. $1200 obo. Contact Michael Shahani, email:, Phone Number: 925-323-6833 (2/17)

Salvi Diana, Walnut
Serial number 3254. Built 1980 (sounding board repair in 1990s by Lyon Healy) The harp is in very good condition with no mechanical or structural problems. It has just had a new set of Bow Brand strings and a regulation. It comes with a fabric cover. There is a very small movement in the sounding board—It is normal and not a problem. The harp has a large amount of space in the upper octaves for the right hand making it comfortable to play. A very fine sounding harp, even and with a big warm sound throughout. A very fine sounding Salvi Diana. Fair Market Value as is: $18,000 or best offer
Contact info of owner: Donna Youngblood, hm 530-221-1827, cell 530-355-4111 (11/16)

Thormahlen Swan
Swan 2685Swan 2690
36-string, koa, with Camac levers, perfect condition, asking $5500. Contact Mitch Landy. Email:, Phone Number: 510-758-0959. (8/16)

Lyon & Healy Style 22
Gold #2400 Concert Harp made @ 1922. One owner since 1930. Perfect for a non-professional harpist or someone who wants a gold harp at an affordable price. Sounding board replaced in 1970 by L&H in Los Angeles. Appraised by Karen Gottlieb in 2013. Asking price: $15,000 OBO. Includes summer & winter covers, padded chair and music stand with matching wooden lyre symbol. Photos available upon request. Contact Lita Clapper at 510 276-4094 or (7/16)

Wurlitzer Grand Pedal Harp
Gold, Style GG, #1466 with extended sounding board, built in the 1930s. Lush, warm, rich sound.  The harp has all original parts.  It is strung with lighter gauge strings as originally intended.  It is a perfect pedal harp for someone who wants an easier & lighter string tension on a full size pedal harp with a big sound.  Pads and felts just done and the harp has been checked by a harp technician and is okay to go as is. A collector’s item ready to play and enjoy!  $14,200.00 or best offer.  A custom made, completely padded 4 Seasons Harp Cover is available for $200.  Contact Cheryl Ann Fulton, 510-601-8383, (4/16)

Lyon & Healy Style 17 Gold Harp
Serial number 2214, built 1920. The harp was rebuilt in 1997 with a new neck, new sounding board, re-riveting (and refurbishing) of mechanism and the gold work has also been refurbished. The harp is structurally and mechanically in excellent shape and the body & base of all birds-eye maple. The harp shows beautifully. It has really wonderful old-world warm, rich sound, esp. in the middle & lower registers. The top octaves sound lovely, ring out beautifully and there is a lot of space for the hand in the top two octaves which makes it very comfortable to play. It is a perfect harp for a younger person or a professional (or non-professional) needing a smaller mid-size instrument.
Asking price: $20,000 or Best Offer.

For details and a full appraisal of the harp, please contact Sarah Voynow directly. The harp is located in San Francisco, CA. 415-637-3089 (4/16)

Cunningham wire strung 32 string celtic harp, no levers. 60″ tall. $1500 OBO. Contact Erica Messer (415) 786-9143 (2/15)


Contact Karen Gottlieb for harp rentals- pedal &/ troubadour, at  415-386-0702 or cell 415-244-1864


We have a huge variety of harps to fit your budget and tastes. Harps etc also offers financing for qualified buyers, rent to own and trade in programs, music, strings and accessories, lessons, ensembles, workshops and concerts. Call 925-937-4277, visit or email for more information.



Karen Gottlieb is a Lyon Healy & Salvi Harps – Certified Harp Technician. She is available for regulations, repairs, general maintenance, restringing as well as appraisals for insurance purposes, sales and purchases. For more info see: Contact info: 415-386-0702 or


HARP ENSEMBLES AT HARPS ETC. All ensembles are open to all ages and levels of playing. Learn to play with others and to follow a conductor, improve your reading, rhythm and performance skills and just have fun making music and new friends while playing the harp. Payment in full is paid for the entire semester of rehearsals at your first rehearsal. No need to bring your harp. You can use a store harp. We play an eclectic mix of musical styles in every ensemble. We ask that you meet with Jessica prior to your first rehearsal to determine which parts are best for you. You are welcome to attend one rehearsal at no charge to give it a try!

THE WEDNESDAY MORNING HARP CIRCLE meets every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

Harp Dolly donations needed:  The new 2015 public harp education program at North Shoreview Montessori School in San Mateo, CA, is in need of harp dollies. There are six harps that were donated/purchased by donation and the six students are taking to the harp very quickly. While the School District is doing what they can to accommodate this new program mid-year, they are in need of a harp dolly to get the floor harps to and from the Main office to the classroom (They are being stored in the Principal’s Office until a secure place is made in the school!). Erica Messer, Founder and Program Director, loaned her dolly for the time being, but if anyone can donate one, or donate funds to purchase one, it would be a great help.

Checks can be made out to: San Mateo Foster City Education Foundation with the subject line reading “HARP” and mailed to Erica Messer at PO BOX 2071 San Mateo, CA 94401. Donations are tax-deductible! Thank you for your support. Please contact Erica directly with any questions or if you have a dolly to donate! (415) 786-9143.

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